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National Director: Philip Land
Telephone: 501-627-3144
Courses to be held in each district, starting December 2015

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Philip Land

Philip has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1975.

For Those Already Practicing Transcendental Meditation

MEDITATORS' MEETINGS: Are held regularly - please contact us for full schedule.
PERSONAL CHECKING: To refresh your practice and receive more guidance on your TM technique, these one-to-one 30 minute sessions are available by appointment.
REFRESHER COURSES: If you would like to refresh your practice and understanding of Transcendental Meditation, why not sit in again on a course of instruction? Phone or email for details.

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Anushka Sharma, Indian movie star:

"Since the mind is a very powerful tool and is constantly at work, it's very important to give it rest."

"Meditation works wonders for me when it comes to beating stress, I meditate twice a day, once early morning and once before going to bed at night. It has a calming effect which translates into better health."